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Who we are

The Guide To Lebanon, is a reference in audio-visual material in Lebanon and about Lebanon.

Established in 2003, it is a production house that specializes in the production of films in the industry of culture and its promotion. 


We take into consideration two factors:
1) Due to the Lebanese  conflict that has stretched over 33 years, Lebanon, a country that was once known as the pearl of the east has become a country associated with terrorism, war and constant conflict.
2) Audio visual material is based on the hearing and visual senses of people, and is a great tool to portray and communicate the true spirit of our country.



Lebanon is full of magic. You have to explore it to really know what it is all about. It owes its charms to the variety of its landscapes, sometimes arid and sometimes amazingly green,

And to the mystery of the many small villages nestling in a nourishing mountain.

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